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No 43 (2009): miscellanea Iambic Templates in Hausa Morphology Abstract   PDF
Bartosz Kurzyca
No 54 (2020): MISCELLANEA Images of Amhara women in oral poetry Abstract   PDF
Berhanu Asaye Agajie
No 48 (2014): MISCELLANEA In memory of Professor Andrzej Zaborski Abstract   PDF
Nina Pawlak
No 47 (2013): MISCELLANEA In Pursuit of Freedom and Dignity Through Creative Writing. A Personal Account Abstract   PDF
Kithaka wa Mberia
No 44 (2010): miscellanea Incantation in Hausa Culture: An Example of Syntactic Reduplication Abstract   PDF
Hafizu Miko Yakasai
No 54 (2020): MISCELLANEA Islamic martyrdom in Northern Nigeria Abstract   PDF
Sabina Brakoniecka
No 52 (2018): MISCELLANEA Kinship metaphors in Swahili language and culture Abstract   PDF
Iwona Kraska-Szlenk
No 45 (2011): miscellanea Language and identity: Hausa language of youth generation in Northern Nigeria Abstract   PDF
Isa Yusuf Chamo
No 50 (2016): MISCELLANEA Language Policy in postcolonial Africa in the light of postcolonial theory. The ideas of Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o Abstract   PDF
Rafał Smoleń
No 53 (2019): MISCELLANEA Le camfranglais comme exemple de parler jeune Abstract   PDF
Nataša Raschi
No 50 (2016): MISCELLANEA Linguistic and Cultural Pitfalls of Patient-carer Communication in the Official Health Care Structures of North Cameroon Abstract   PDF
Henry Tourneux, Hadidja Hadidja Konaï
No 43 (2009): miscellanea Marriages in Ethiopia Abstract   PDF
Zuzanna Augustyniak
No 54 (2020): MISCELLANEA Massimo Villa, Filologia e linguistica del testi gəʿəz di età aksumita: Il Pastore di Erma. (Studi Africanistici. Serie Etiopica 10). Napoli: UniorPress 2019, 285 pp. ISBN 978-88-6719-178-9 Details   PDF
Marcin Krawczuk
No 51 (2017): MISCELLANEA Money and Social Interaction in Simmel’s Philosophy of Money and Audu Wazirin Ɗanduna’s Ballad Tsakanin Ɗan'adam da Kuɗi Abstract   PDF
Aminu Ali
No 44 (2010): miscellanea Morphophonological reduction in Swahili: the pressure of frequency and lexical diffusion Abstract   PDF
Iwona Kraska-Szlenk
No 49 (2015): MISCELLANEA Narrative Strategy in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Novel „Americanah”: the Manifestation of Migrant Identity Abstract   PDF
Patrycja Kozieł
No 51 (2017): MISCELLANEA Neologism construction in Amharic by compounding various parts of speech Abstract   PDF
Michał Kozicki
No 54 (2020): MISCELLANEA Nominal Suffixes as Markers of Information Structure in Basketo Abstract   PDF
Hideyuki Inui
No 50 (2016): MISCELLANEA Rebecca Haile – a New Star in the Ethiopian Literary Firmament Abstract   PDF
Galina A. Balashova
No 54 (2020): MISCELLANEA Reflections on a community-based approach to writing grammars of endangered African languages Abstract   PDF
Pius Wuchu Akumbu
No 53 (2019): MISCELLANEA Review "Grammatica di lingua Hausa con esercizi e brani di lettura." Details   PDF
Stanisław Piłaszewicz
No 53 (2019): MISCELLANEA Review "Language, Literature and Culture in a Multilingual Society. A Festschrift for Abubakar Rasheed. Vol. I-II." Details   PDF
Patryk Zając
No 53 (2019): MISCELLANEA Review "Studia Africana. Papers in Honour of Sergio Baldi" Details   PDF
Izabela Will
No 44 (2010): miscellanea Reviews Details   PDF
Stanisław Piłaszewicz, Nina Pawlak, Iwona Kraska-Szlenk, Laura Łykowska, Izabela Will
No 45 (2011): miscellanea Reviews Details   PDF
Stanisław Piłaszewicz, Marta Jackowska, Nina Pawlak
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