A critical analysis of "Baubawan Burmi, kassasaɓarmu ce kan zaɓar jagora" by Aminu Ladan Abubakar (ALA)


  • Shuaibu Hassan Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria




Hausa poetry, Aminu Ladan Abubakar, Baubawan Burmi, Nigerian election


This paper explores understanding of literature as a medium through which poets address issues in order to reach their audience with a message of service to the community or the society more broadly. Poets engage the society through their literary composition by using the language that pleases and, through entertainment, they try to put across ideas of bringing a change. The analysis focuses on 21st century Hausa poetry of Aminu Ladan Abubakar (ALA) to portray how his poem, Baubawan Burmi, Kasassaɓarmu Ce Kan Zaɓar Jagora ‘Our mistake in choosing a leader’ entertains, enlightens, and educates electorates of Northern Nigeria and beyond about the nature of leadership and the mistakes committed when electing public office holders.


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